About us

Meet the CEO - Vanessa

Vanessa Botha’s zest for life is boundless, reflected in her diverse achievements as a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, Kickboxing Champion, and Semi-Finalist in Mrs. South Africa 2018. Her passion for adventure, deep commitment to her community, and endless curiosity have driven her to attain numerous accolades, including the Businesswoman of the Year Award and the National Presidential Award by the South African Council for Business Woman (SACBW) in 2023.

Vanessa's remarkable journey showcases her unyielding drive to help others maximize their potential. She has represented South Africa in international competitions, placing 3rd in the Toastmasters speech contest among 12 countries in 2022. Her diverse qualifications and experiences, from brain profiling to makeup artistry, underscore her multifaceted approach to wellness and personal growth.

Featured on television, radio, and in international magazines, Vanessa continues to empower people worldwide. Her mission is to help individuals break through limiting beliefs and foster exponential growth and impactful change. Vanessa's unquenchable thirst for helping others drives her to inspire and lead by example, making a significant impact on those she coaches.